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“Who Runs the World? Girls!” as internationally-acclaimed, award winning artist, Beyoncé would say. On this very day, Wednesday, March 8, 2016, we celebrate International Women’s Day.  Dating back to the early 1900’s, the honorable holiday evolved from the social, economic, cultural and political triumphs of women — but most importantly, granting equality for all women. As a female operated company, women’s empowerment is deeply cherished by our founding CEO, Tarralyn. Cheers to girl power!

We asked our two main team members, Tarralyn & Ana, to correspond & reflect on female empowerment:

Q & A

What defines a power woman?

Ana: I believe a powerful woman is many things- she is fearless, resilient, and confident. She is perseverant and pushes forward regardless of the challenges she may face

Tarralyn: Being able to share life experiences and to help push others to succeed

What are your words of advice to aspiring working women? 

Ana: My best advice would be to always do your best, work very hard, and don’t get discouraged. Find something that you love to do and give it your all

Tarralyn: Being able to sustain through the hard times as well as the good times

Why is it important for women to seek employment in the workplace?

Ana: It is crucial for women to continue to change the idea that they are only supposed to plan to care for their families. More women than ever are now pursuing not only employment, but big roles and promotions in the workplace and it is essential to continue to encourage females to reach the maximum potential. I vote for more women in C level positions!

Tarralyn: To establish and maintain diversity in the workplace

What are your personal goals to help you become a greater force as a woman in 2017?

Ana: I think one of the things that define a powerful woman the most is her confidence. My main goal this year is to be a greater force and become more confident in myself, my ideas and beliefs

Tarralyn: Taking my failures and successes to make a difference in the world

Why is it important to celebrate International Women’s Day? 

Ana: It is important to recognize all the amazing women out there who defy the odds in every way in order encourage them to continue to rise up!

Tarralyn: To continue to promote, equality, advancement, achievement, education  & non-violence

What female figure(s) empowers you?

Ana: A female figure that I look up to and feel empowered by is Oprah. She is exactly the definition of a strong & powerful woman. Her story is truly remarkable and she was able to overcome any and all challenges – personal and professional – regardless of how difficult they were. She is a force to be reckoned with!

Tarralyn: My mother Lessie Calling & Cicely Tyson, because they become more fabulous & wiser with age!