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The holiday entertaining season is approaching soon and #TeamTJs is absolutely thrilled! We are event planning professionals, right? From selecting your Thanksgiving course options to conceptualizing the perfect tablescape for your formal dining room ― the holiday season allows us all to rehearse our inner event planner.

Choosing the perfect candle to set the tone of your holiday gathering is a major factor that many may be unaware of. Whether your gathering may be formal or informal, a hint of a luxurious scent will make your guests feel at ease. From us to you, we have provided you with our top five candle picks for holiday entertaining. From reasonably-priced to ultra-luxe, you won’t be disappointed in our favorite picks.


1). Votivo’s Red Currant

Not to be confused with the modest brand’s holiday version of red currant, this candle is our absolute favorite! Not only is it fitting for the season, but year round, too. Crafted in stunning silver and soft gold glass tumblers ― the lush, earthy green, citrus, cassis tropical fruit and musk notes will have your guests yearning for a holiday spa treat.  Marked at a reasonable price, we will ensure you that this will become one of your signature home or office candles.

To buy:  $32.00,


2). Diptyque’s Feu de Bois

This popular French brand is a classic signature displayed in many of today’s homes. An inviting, sophisticated blend of rare woods call for a gathering around the fireplace. This warm and blissful candle is fitting for those who entertain in their winter cabins and countryside homes.

To buy: $62.00,


3). Aquiesse’s White Currant

Similar to Votivo’s marvelous red currant, this understated scent whiffs a revitalizing blend of ripe red currants, exotic cassis, citrus fruits, French oak and wood. This stunning candle will have you dreaming of a chic winter wonderland!

To buy: $38.00,


4). NEST’s Holiday Classic  

Created by the ever so lovely and classic Laura Slatkin, NEST will have you screaming for more with its diverse line of fragrances and candles. This exemplary holiday candle radiates a delicious blend of pomegranate, mandarin orange, pine, cloves and cinnamon with a hint of vanilla and amber.

To buy: $40.00,


5). Jo Malone’s Dark Amber & Ginger Lilly

You can never go wrong with London-based luxury fragrance powerhouse, Jo Malone. From its distinctive scents to uber chic packaging, this exclusive label will have you feeling like pure luxury. Dark Amber & Ginger Lily exude a clean and sexy trace of black cardamom, orchid, ginger and water lily. A perfect staple for the modern city dweller!

To buy: $85.00,